America can keep their freedom because we have tim tams and they don’t.

Helicopter ride! #ujelly?
Drink liberally election viewing party! #ivoted #obeyobama (at Trip)
Cat got your tongue? #cat #silly (at Little United Kingdom)
=^.^= keeps coming in the bar. Named her Cheshire. #meow #cat (at Trip)
Herro kitti =^.^= #happybirthdaynomi #bartending (at Trip)
Missing you both. @cathayyy & Aki #don’tpayattentiontonewneighbors (at Little United Kingdom)
Breakfast lunch @setdarrenablaze #eggsbenadict #bacon #sausage #mimosadrunk #whatbaconshortage  (at Imperial palace)
Cloud bursting. #menwhostareatgoats
Allagash curieux.

I saw someone post a Circa Survive tattoo by Esao Andrews and I wanted to show off my own. On the left is Esao Andrews female version of “On Letting Go.” Which is on the cover of Circa Survive. The one of the left is “The Intrepid Seed.”

Esao was at my bar last night, I asked him about people using his art for tattoos. Big no no. 
Sleepy time tea ^__^ #tea  (Taken with Instagram at Little United Kingdom)
Spooky! @stevenuggets (Taken with Instagram at Hurley)